You will provide us with a list of goods, we will carry out customs clearance and arrange delivery - you will only have to accept the goods. We will carry out customs clearance and arrange delivery - you will only need to accept the freight.
We are fluent in a set of universal solutions to minimize customs payments. We guarantee the success of all customs clearance procedures.
We will select the best option for transporting products. For the convenience of customers, we are always ready to offer efficient routes, reduce time costs and reduce transportation costs.
We will issue a declaration of conformity, certificate, veterinary certificate and other necessary permits for your goods. Thanks to our experience, we can significantly reduce your time and financial expenses.
The company «RPC NORTHERN»has all the necessary logistics, technical and information resources for organizing the delivery of products to anywhere in the world.
Three reasons to trust us
We guarantee the fastest possible interaction in the process of work and ensure prompt delivery of products to the buyer.
We bear personal, financial and reputational responsibility to each client.
The professional experience of the company's employees allows to solve any issues arising in the course of work.
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